5 Things to remember the night before your wedding day

It’s the eve of your wedding and you are finishing off the last minute preparations.

Here are the 5 things that can really help you out on the morning of your wedding!

1. Get everything ready for your photographer

A wedding photographer will usually arrive during wedding morning prep, this means you will likely be in the middle of having your hair styled or make up.

They will likely ask where all your possessions are and it will be difficult for you to get everything you will need whilst you are getting all glamed up.

So get your essentials ready, like your wedding dress, jewellery, perfume and shoes, all in one place, this will save a lot of time for you on the wedding morning.

Meaning you can have your hair and make up in peace!

2. Wash hair the night before

But this all depends on the style you are having and what your hairstylist has recommended.

No hairstylist wants greasy hair on the morning of the wedding and by washing the night before, you will save heaps of time, especially if it’s an early start.

3. Wear suitable clothing

This really gets to me! I’ve seen it all, hoodies, big chunky robes, tight tops, polo necks….

Remember you will have to take it off before dressing, and you will take your hair and make up off with it.

Wear something that is not restrictive, such as vest tops, dressing gowns, buttoned up shirts or tops that you can pull down rather than over the head.

4. Make sure that there is time for YOU before you leave to get married

Make sure that there is time for YOU before you leave to get married.

You need at least an hour before you leave to get dressed, have photos, veil placement and a little cheeky drink with your gang.

All hair and make up should be finished at least an hour before you leave, more if you need to pack to leave the accommodation!

Your photographer will love you for being ready early and that last hour just flies!

5. Make sure bridesmaids have transport

Seriously, I have seen a few weddings where everyone had left for the ceremony and the bridesmaids didn’t have transport! It’s so easy to forget this one.

Follow these steps and the morning of your wedding will run so much smoother and on time.

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