How to have the perfect wedding hair trial experience

Looking for a wedding hairstylist can seem like a minefield when searching, with so many stylists to choose from. I have been a wedding hairstylist in South Wales and Carmarthenshire for 10 years now and through experience I feel I can recommend how to find your perfect hairstylist.

Do your homework!

Look at their work on social media, what kind of styles they create, is that the look you are looking for?
Can they create different styles? Different hair types? How often do they show their work?

Check reviews and see if they cover your area.

Book a hair trail

Once you have chosen your wedding hair stylist you will need to book a hair trial. This can be done nearer the wedding date, or earlier if you are unsure whether to book with the particular stylist.
Try to coincide the hair trial with another appointment, such as the make up trial, dress fitting or simply an evening out. This way you can really test the style!

So you have chosen your stylist and booked your hair trial. What next?

You will need an idea of what kind of look you are going for; think about the wedding vibe, theme, colour etc. Your stylist should ask a few important questions before starting your hair trial.

Having a picture of your wedding dress (if you can), will give the stylist an idea of what styles will work and what to avoid.

Your stylist should also ask what theme/vibe will your wedding will be.
Have some inspiration pictures ready on your phone, hairstyles that you want to avoid and ones you love.

Wash your hair the day/night before and blow dry your hair to give your hair a nice finish. Your hair will look more polished and will be easier to manage on the day.

Bring your hair accessories (if you can).
Veils, tiara, hair vines, decorative pins etc. Whichever you choose, try and bring them with you. It will give you a good idea on the finished look and whether they are comfortable. Also it’s good to see where you would like the veil placed, this can depend on veil type and the size of the veil comb.
When I carry out hair trials near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, I always like to show my Brides the veil placement and how positioning the veil in different places can completely alter the final look.

Once your desired look is created take photos! It’s sometimes difficult taking everything in during your hair trial, so much information and the excitement of it all. Take photos, even videos, so you can look back at your hairstyle and see whether you would like any changes.

If you are happy with the results and you would like to go ahead with the booking, then your hairstylist should go through all the details with you, arrival times, venue details, time per person etc. I always follow up with emails to confirm all the details discussed at the hair trial.

Happy hair trials!

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