Top tips for a smooth running wedding morning

With over 10 yrs experience in the wedding hairstyling industry, in South Wales and Carmarthenshire, I have gained some valuable insights on what to expect on wedding morning prep. You really want to achieve that smooth running wedding morning that all brides dream of.

From frantic finishes, dressing the bride, bridesmaids last minute checks, or just calming those nerves. Here I have included some top tips to guide you through the morning.

Your wedding morning is here!!

Grab that strong coffee and enjoy the peace before everyone arrives.

Your hair and make up artist will be arriving soon, this is the opportunity to have a body wash and put deodorant on.

Everyone should have washed their hair the day before (unless recommended otherwise), this will save heaps of time in the morning.

Make sure your Bridal party are up and ready for the stylists.

If not, this will really run in to your “getting ready time” and will likely cause more stress and rushing towards the end.

Hair and make up should run smoothly, alternating each client from your wedding party.

Make sure you are not last to have hair and makeup!! If you are and the stylists are short on time, it will be rushed. Get hair and make up finished for you (the bride) around 2hrs before leaving.

Breakfast, make sure you eat something, even if it’sa piece of toast or some fruit, just eat something.

Crack open the bubbly!

When my bride sits down to have her hair styled, I make sure she has a drink in front of her, whether it’s a glass of bubbly, water, a cup of tea, or whatever it is…have something. This is when the nerves tend to set in and getting married finally feels real.

Get your bridesmaids to steam those dresses (if it’s needed), ideally before hair and make up, or all that steam and moisture will affect the hair and make up.

OK, so everyone has had their hair and make up applied, flowers have arrived and the photographer is busy taking the photos.

Get the bridesmaids dressed first, then they can help you into your dress.

Don’t forget the perfume and jewellery!

After you are in your dress, your hairstylist will come and place your veil in your hair and the make up artist will top up your lipstick.

Now you are ready to go! And hopefully with a little time to spare for those final little chats with your loved ones.

Have a very happy wedding day!

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